Process: Studies and Permitting

Timeline for Studies & Permitting Process of Palehua Wind Project

Before a wind energy project can be built, multi-year environmental, cultural and siting studies must be conducted. The extensive permitting process is an important and legally required part of every renewable energy project built in the United States.
Eurus Energy plans to go beyond the basic study requirements to make sure that we build a project that truly serves the community. The results from these studies will be made available to the public and will inform the design of the project.
Eurus Energy takes community and environmental concerns seriously. We are working with agencies at every level of government to ensure we fully understand and address the impacts of Palehua Wind on the environment and community.

Permitting ensures:

  • Compliance with environmental regulations.

  • That the project will not impact sensitive cultural sites.

  • That there is no interference with aircraft or wireless communication.

  • The visual and auditory impacts of the turbines are minimized.

Eurus will be completing the following studies:

  • Archaeological Inventory Survey

  • Botanical and snail surveys

  • Continued bat monitoring

  • Wetland and Water Assessments

  • Forest bird transect surveys

  • General Bio survey

  • Avian radar study

  • Visual simulations

  • FAA studies

  • Communications survey

  • Noise study

  • American Land and Title Association surveys