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Palehua Wind


Wind Project Must Allay Wildlife Issues

Four years ago, Gov. David Ige signed into law a bill directing utilities to pursue a path toward generating 100 percent of electricity sales from renewable resources. The clean energy deadline is still 26 years away — but that’s no reason to relax.

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Jay Fidell, Peter Rosegg from Hawaiian Electric, Tony Gill from Ewa Lands, and Nick Henriksen talk on Think Tank Hawaii show

Hawaiian Electric and Eurus Energy 

New directions in Wind for Hawaii. Jay Fidell, Peter Rosegg from Hawaiian Electric, Tony Gill from Ewa Lands, and Nick Henriksen, VP of Development at Eurus, calling in from California, will discuss this new wind project.

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Hawaii Will Need More Wind Power

Three years ago, Gov. David Ige signed into law a bill that directs the state’s utilities to generate 100 percent of their electricity sales from renewable energy resources by 2045 — a lofty mandate for the most petroleum- dependent state in the nation.

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Turbines on a hillside

New West Oahu wind power project part of larger restoration, conservation effort

Oahu’s Waianae Range will be the future home of more than a dozen wind turbines after Hawaiian Electric Co. signed a power purchase agreement with EE Ewa LLC for a new 46.8-megawatt wind project on the island’s west side.

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Hawaiian Electric & Eurus Energy Sign Contract for Palehua Wind Project

Hawaiian Electric Company is further advancing Hawaiʻi’s clean energy goals with a new power purchase agreement with EE Ewa LLC to buy electricity from a 46.8-megawatt facility to be known as Palehua Wind.

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Palehua Wind Farm Announced for Leeward Oahu

Over Thanksgiving week Hawaiian Electric announced it reached an agreement to purchase power from Eurus Energy America. The company will build and operate a wind farm on Palehua Ridge above the existing fossil fuel power plant.

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Man carrying child by wind turbines

Company Plans 13-Turbine Wind Farm in West Oahu

A subsidiary of Eurus Energy American Corp. is planning to build a wind farm on the eastern slope of the Waianae range on Oahu.

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Wind farm proposed for Waianae range

A Japanese company plans to build 13 wind turbines, enough to power 25,000 homes, on the slopes above the Kahe Power Plant in West Oahu.

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New Wind Energy at Palehua

Jay Fidell and Mitch Ewan welcome Nick Henriksen and Peter Rosegg to discuss wind energy at Palehua including the ownership and management of Palehua Wind, the benefits of their location, how the community feels and more.



Climate Change

School of fish in the ocean
Climate change illustration

House Hearing Stresses Climate Change’s Links to Ocean Health

Backed by new Democratic congressional leadership determined to focus on science, experts call for swift action to avoid or limit irreparable environmental harm.

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Hawaii 2040: Climate Change Is Already Here. And We’re Running Out Of Time

Scientists predict the worst will hit in about 21 years. But Hawaii is already feeling the effects of a warming planet. What are we going to do about it?

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Truck driving through rising waters

New Climate Change Report Not Good for Hawaii

A new U.S. Climate Assessment report is out and it highlights many factors that could change the landscape of the islands.

The expected cost of the impact of climate change to Hawaii could cost billions of dollars according to the report.

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High levels of carbon dioxide levels measured atop Mauna Loa

Global carbon dioxide levels measured atop Mauna Loa set a new monthly record

For decades, a small research lab atop Mauna Loa has measured carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

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Climate-change litigation for Hawaii?

Hawaii needs to continue to show strong leadership and explore new avenues to address the costs of our climate crisis before irreparable damage is done to the islands.

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Honolulu on stilts illustration

Hawaii Needs to Plan Now for Climate Change, Experts Say

A year ago the Hawaii Climate Commission published a report that illustrated just how vulnerable the islands are to climate change, especially when it comes to sea level rise.

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Beyond Hotels And Beaches: Can Hawaii Really Diversify Its Economy?

Hawaii’s economy is thoroughly dominated by tourism. But alternative energy and research-and-development offers some of the best chances for creating new, higher paying jobs.

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Map of sea level rise in Honolulu

The Cost of Climate Change in Hawaii

The world is literally changing and here are six issues we need to understand so we can begin calculating the costs and consequences of climate change and prepare for them. 

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Hawaii’s islands are under threat from rising sea levels, experts warn

Hawaii’s islands are under threat from rising sea levels, experts warn

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Hawai‘i Sees 400% Increase in Acres Burned

Last year, a spark from a hammer was enough to ignite dry grass, and contribute to the largest wildfire in California history. All across the Western U.S., firefighters are wondering what might lie ahead this season.

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Hawaii Faces Particular Wildfire Problem, Starting With Erosion

Each year, an estimated 500 to 600 wildfires sweep across parts of Oahu. But those fires are different than the ones that burn on the mainland, and in many ways, the charred fields are just the beginning of the problem.

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